Our Kitten Profile

        Our goal is to provide quality, healthy kittens that will become a member of your family. Himalayans are by nature a very docile and affectionate cat. Their coats will require combing to prevent matts and keep them looking their best. All our kittens are groomed on a weekly basis starting at six weeks so they will become used to their weekly grooming. Because of the Himalayan's facial structure their eyes have a tendency to tear.This is completely normal and wiping their face with a damp cloth will take care of any stains.


        We believe that healthy kittens start with healthy parents. We work very closely with out vet, Piper-Olson Veterinary Hospital to ensure that all our breeding cats are healthy and free of any genetic defects. We have been testing our cats for Feline Leukemia and FIP  for over twenty years to ensure that our cats are completely negative. All of our kittens  receive their first vaccinations, are completely weaned and litter pan trained before they leave for a new home. In order to ensure the health of your new kitten. he or she should be examined by your veterinarian with ten days of purchase. If the examining vet finds anything seriously wrong the kitten may be returned for a kitten of equal value or a complete refund. All pet kittens are sold with a spay or neuter agreement. 

   New Environment

        When bringing  home your new kitten you can expect the kitten to be somewhat stressed from the change in surroundings and separation from his or her litter mates. Although kittens adjust very quickly if your new kitten spends the first few hours hiding under the bed it's to be expected. Within twenty-four hours they 're busy checking out their new home. We recommend keeping the litter pan easily accessible until the new kitten is completely comfortably in his new home.